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1. How to Use Vitilase®?

The best practice to insure optimum results is:

1- Apply to the affected area twice daily and massage till absorbed.
2- After the application, expose the area to the sun starting with 5 minutes of exposure to be increased gradually till we reach an

exposure time of 15-30 minutes.

3- Sun exposure should be in the period between 7am to 10am and after 3pm.

*sun exposure can be behind normal, plain glass windows (not shaded) at home where the sun should directly reach the skin.

2. Can I use Vitilase® for different areas of the body?

Yes you can for all of the body, including around the eyes, around the mouth and even sensitive areas like the reproductive organs.

3. What to do if I cant expose the affected area to the sun?

- If the reason is that the area is sensitive or the patient is shy then you can get sun exposure behind a normal glass window at home as the needed from the sun is the UV rays which can penetrate the glass of a window to reach the skin.

- If the reason is that there is no sun and the clouds are covering the sky then you can expose the affected area to the outside as if the sun is already there because what is needed from the sun is the UV rays which can penetrate the clouds and reach the skin.

4. Can I use Vitilase® with other types of treatment?

Yes it can be used with any other treatment in one condition which is to use vitilase® on the affected area first and expose it to the sun as recommended then you can add any other cream.

For oral or injectable treatments; yes you can with no restrictions.

5. Is there any clinical studies on Vitilase®?

In 1995, published case studies on 33 patients using pseudocatalase, reported complete repigmentation of face and dorsum of the hand in 90%. Pseudocatalase and calcium combination cream were applied twice daily, along with twice a week UVB phototherapy. The first sign of repigmentation appeared between 2 and 4 months. Additionally, a study published in 2008 showed successful repigmentation in majority of areas on the face and neck, trunks, and extremities.

These results add to the prospects of considering pseudocatalase as a first line treatment for vitiligo.

Another study conducted in the Dead Sea using pseudocatalase with climatotherapy on 39 patients showed rapid repigmentation in all patients in only 21 days with 75% of them reaching more than 50% follicular/confluent repigmentation of involved areas. Read more

6. When will I see improvement with Vitilase®?

Improvement in your depigmented area of your body depends on the following:

1- Compliance to the treatment with a twice daily application.
2- Commitment to sun exposure after every application for the needed period.

Then you will see the fastest improvement to be on the face and neck (in 1 to 2 months average), followed by the body (trunk, abdomen and genital areas in 4 months average) and the area that requires the longest treatment will be the hands and feet (ranging from 6 months to a full year).

7. For how long I can use Vitilase® once I open it?

You can use the tube for up to 45 days after opening.