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Vitilase® (Pseudocatalase) Cream 65g

A cream with a pack size of 65g containing the stabilized form of Pseudocatalase, with a shelf life of 3 years.
Once you open the tube, you need to use it within 45 days.

Prices Table:

2 Boxes

133 USD

3 Boxes

195 USD

4 Boxes

252 USD


Same shipping fees 1-4 packs.
Max allowed quantity is 4.


A source you can trust

InVitilase® (Pseudocatalase) is the only vitiligo cream you can trust for effective results. It has also been fairly priced so that everyone suffering from vitiligo can afford it.

It’s recommended that Vitilase® is applied to the affected areas twice daily for best results. It can be used on all parts of the body, including around the eyes, mouth or sensitive areas.

Apply to the affected area twice daily and massage until absorbed. After application, expose the affected area to the sun, starting with 5 minutes of exposure that is to be increased gradually till 15-30 minutes of exposure time. Sun exposure should be between 7am to 10am, and after 3pm.

Safe pseudocatalase cream for Vitiligo

In search of the best pseudocatalase cream for Vitiligo?

Vitilase® (Pseudocatalase) is a mineral-infused cream that supports normal skin pigmentation with the activation of sunlight. Whether you are young or old, Vitilase® is suitable for anyone experiencing Vitiligo.

Vitilase® has been tried, tested and carefully inspected to ensure quality. It is widely available in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as USA, Europe, Russia and South America.

It is available with a three-year shelf life, and is easy to use and store. Browse through its price to place an order.